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Beginner to Advanced Photography Equipment

  • Euna Go 
Beginner to Advanced Photography, As a professional photographer, I like to take my own images for my blog and magazine pieces.

Beginner to Advanced Photography, As a professional photographer, I like to take my own images for my blog and magazine pieces. 온라인카지노

Current statistics suggest that original photographs make a significant difference in social shares and engagement, particularly on Pinterest.

So, what do you need to get started? This post contains affiliate links for your convenience; please read the full disclosure policy.

The Three Stages of Blog Photography Equipment

Beginner Phase 1

You’ll be improvising for items you don’t have at this stage of blog photography. For example, you may make your own backdrops and merely use a window for illumination.

For shooting handmade projects or baked foods, I recommend locating the greatest natural light source in your home.

Foam Board in White

In place of a reflector, use a white foam board. In Little Known Blog Photography Hacks, you may find my whole instruction for dealing with a white foam board.

DSLR Camera and Lens Kit

If you’re just getting started, I’d recommend a simple DSLR, such as the Canon T6, to get the job done.

To produce the best detailed photographs with the least amount of digital noise, choose the lowest ISO and F Stop possible.

And always photograph in manual mode, which you can learn how to do in the Ultimate Blog Photography Bootcamp!

Intermediate Phase 2

You should be more comfortable with your camera and shooting in manual mode by now. So it’s time to invest in some new blog photographic equipment

Begin with your lens and a real photography reflector, and gradually introduce the usage of a tripod as needed.

Beginner to Advanced Photography, Lens Improvements

Most entry-level cameras include a lens that is well-suited for general use (typically an 18-55mm kit lens for Canon/Nikon).

I propose replacing your kit lens with a fixed 50mm lens. This lens makes it quite simple to soften and blur the background while focusing on your subject, as seen in the image above.

Notice how the lens is sharp while the background is softly softened.

Set of Reflectors

Reflectors are a simple and effective way of directing and reflecting natural light. They have the ability to effortlessly adjust light and erase shadows.

Use a reflector to bounce light off your topic. If you’re photographing a collection of things, move the reflector about until it directs light to the desired region.

You may get a set of reflectors for $20 or less, such as this set of 5 portable reflectors. That is a reasonable investment!


A good sturdy camera support allows you to snap wonderfully crisp and detailed photos.

All of this, in addition to a perfectly smooth video, assists to lure users to your site and keep them coming back.

Basic tripods are an excellent place to start, but this upgrade will make your life easier in the long term.

With a tripod, you can produce perfectly clear and detailed blog photographs like the one below by using shutter speeds of 10 seconds or more. 카지노사이트

Advanced Phase 3

Yes, you have progressed to the expert level of blog photography! Now is the time to complete your blog photography equipment update

Often known as purchasing the camera of your dreams. You’ll adore learning how to use artificial light to eliminate shadows and gain more freedom when shooting with a remote shutter!

Remote Controlled Shutter

Do you want more freedom in your blog picture shoots? A wireless remote shutter can assist you with this! Set up your camera on a tripod and create your scenario.

Start by framing your subject and shooting. Do you enjoy what you’ve seen so far? Want to move anything without changing your camera settings?

While you move things around, keep your camera in position and use the remote shutter to snap your images. When it comes to motion, use a remote shutter to catch it.

Make your cookie dough or bath salts and record the process with your remote shutter!

The shot above shows the wireless remote shutter I use for my Canon camera (you can find it here). It’s the perfect size for me to have in my bag.

Beginner to Advanced Photography, Light produced artificially

If you have trouble locating natural light, umbrella lights are invaluable. They are a gentle light modulator that reflects light back onto your subject.

They cast a mellow all-over light, minimizing shadows and balancing the lighting.

Umbrella lights, with a little technique, can be a valuable addition to any blog photographer. On rainy days, I utilize this set of umbrella lights.

Beginner to Advanced Photography, Camera Improvements

At this time, you’ll be ready to invest in a high-end camera to achieve effects that a standard DSLR simply cannot match.

While a wide format camera, such as a 6D Mark II, is not required for blog photography, it is for portrait photography.

A camera that reads light better and has an ISO range of 2600 or above can provide amazing results!

A more modern camera also has greater image quality, which translates to clearer photos.

This year, I updated to Canon’s new 77D model, and I am thrilled with the results!!

If you are thinking about purchasing a high-end camera. 카지노 블로그

I recommend looking for cameras and accessories online, regardless of your budget.

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