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New Adobe Lightroom Features

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New Adobe Lightroom Features, Today, we're introducing new Lightroom products that make it easier than ever to use masking workflows.

New Adobe Lightroom Features, Today, we’re introducing new Lightroom products that make it easier than ever to use masking workflows. 바카라사이트

Remove unwanted elements from your images, and apply presets with AI masks on mobile. These changes are intended to save you time and reduce tedium in your workflow.

The latest updates will begin rolling out today to Lightroom on Windows/Mac, Lightroom Classic, Adobe Camera

Raw (ACR), iOS, Android, iPadOS, ChromeOS, and Web, and will be available to everyone over the course of the week.

Improved AI-Powered Masking

Select People, Objects, and Background.

Select Sky and Select Subject, our reimagined selective adjustment tools, were released in October.

Today, we extend Lightroom’s new era of AI masking with the all-new Select People, Select Objects, and one-click Select Background tools.

Select People allows for less brushing and faster editing.

With the new Select People, editing and retouching portraits is easier than ever. Select People, powered by Adobe Sensei (our AI and machine learning technology)

Can detect and generate high-quality masks for individuals or groups in any portrait.

Face skin, body skin, eyes, teeth, lips, hair, and other body parts can also be selected.

Our enhanced Select People interface allows you to quickly create all of the necessary selections with fewer clicks and brush strokes.

Select Objects allows for precise selection.

Select Objects is now the quickest and most flexible way to mask objects in Lightroom, allowing you to make precise edits with ease.

Simply brush over the desired object or draw a rectangle around it with Rectangle Select, and our AI will automatically refine the edges to create a precise mask.

Background with a Single Click

Previously, you could choose the background by inverting the subject’s mask.

With a single click, our AI can now create a mask for the background.

Portraits now have Adaptive Presets.

Lightroom for Windows/Mac, Lightroom Classic, ACR, iOS, and iPadOS are all available.

We introduced a new class of presets on desktop in June 2022, allowing you to access the power of AI masking with the ease of a single click.

We’re bringing the same AI-powered preset capability to portraits today, and it’s now available on both desktop and mobile.

With a single click or tap, you can now use this class of Adaptive Presets to quickly enhance an entire portrait

Or target specific features with presets like Enhance Eyes, Whiten Teeth, Darken Eyebrows, and more.

Adaptive Sky and Subject Presets for Mobile

The power of AI masks for Sky and Subject is now available on mobile via Adaptive Presets.

Lightroom can detect and create an adaptive mask based on the contents of the image with a single tap.

  • Mask Amount Slider for Windows and Mac
  • Change the intensity of the edits applied to your local adjustments.
Masking support for more Android devices

We are also bringing the power of AI masking to more mobile devices than ever before with the addition of server-side support for Android devices.

Subject and sky masking in the cloud are now available to all Android users, regardless of device capabilities (e.g., less than 6GB of RAM). 카지노사이트

Healing with Content-Aware Remove

Lightroom for Windows/Mac, Lightroom Classic, ACR, iOS, iPadOS, and Android

With the addition of Content-Aware Remove, healing or removing distractions in Lightroom is now easier than ever.

Using the same Content-Aware technology as Photoshop, Lightroom will fill in removed blemishes based on surrounding content.

This feature also includes a Refresh option and the ability to select the sampled area with keyboard commands for finer healing control.

  • Additional surface updates
  • Lightroom for Windows and Mac
  • While editing, compare

While in Compare mode, you can use full edit functionality to easily edit images side by side.

Performance improvements

Images now load faster when switching from one to the next, and export times are much shorter thanks to GPU acceleration.

  • Lightroom Classic
  • Panel Switch (Left-Right)

Customize your Lightroom Classic workspace to meet your workflow requirements with the new ability to swap the left and right panels for all modules or just Develop.

Faster import from portable devices

Experience faster preview loading and importing on Windows machines from connected portable devices such as phones, tablets, and so on.

  • Adobe Camera Raw
  • Masking Curves

With the ability to adjust Curves for your local selections, you can get the perfect tones for your edits.

Today, Camera Raw is available, and Lightroom will follow soon.

Displays with HDR support

With new HDR support, you can make the most of your images’ highlights. Enabling HDR allows you to see and edit your highlights in greater detail on your HDR-compatible display.

Adobe Camera Raw’s Tech Preview is now available.

Lightroom Academy

We launched Lightroom Academy last MAX, which assists you on your photography and photo-editing journey by providing unique, well-curated interactive and video content to engage

Educate, and inspire the Lightroom community. There is now new content to explore for food, travel

And night photography, as well as a new layout to make it easier than ever to find your topics of interest.

Additional articles will be published in the coming months, including: Lightroom Essentials, Lightroom in Black & White, From Still to Motion with Lightroom

The Business of Photography, Photographic Essentials, and Visual Literacy.

  • Web-based Lightroom
  • Editing Video

The same editing controls that you use for images can now be used for videos. Lightroom is now available on the web wherever you go.

Slider with a Preset Amount

To achieve the perfect look for each image, adjust the intensity of a preset to your liking. 카지노 블로그

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